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Painting is a process by which I can gauge, and record, the personal evolution of myself through a physical, artistic medium. I paint in layers, starting with thin translucent washes and build up to dense, encrusted, opaque saturation. The compositions and images undergo many changes during the procedure. As I apply paint I also draw into it or scrape it away with various utensils. Sometimes the paint is partially dry, causing it to ball up and form burs, which I use to build texture.

Layering is a significant aspect in my work and also serves as a metaphor for personal and social development. Individuals and communities alike learn by examining the work of predecessors. This examination leads to a new and more informed response as well as a new and better understanding of why we are the way we are, thus re-initiating the process. I paint much the same way, continuously looking to find different ways to see, discover new ways of inventing, and yet developing a more informed approach with each resolve. I believe artistic expression is crucial for informing and nurturing self and society. Painting for me is a commitment in which I seek poetic integrity.


2003 Kingfield Neighborhood Exhibit, MLK Park, Minneapolis, MN
2002 Anodyne Cafe, Solo Exhibit, Minneapolis, MN
2001 Anodyne Cafe, Solo Exhibit, Minneapolis, MN
2001 Rogue Buddah Gallery Group Show, Minneapolis, MN
2001 Espresso 22 Group Show, Minneapolis, MN
2000 Kulak Art Gallery, Woodbury, MN
2000 Art-A-Whirl, Shiny Robot Studio. Northeast Minneapolis, MN
2000 Senior Show; Group Exhibit Furlong Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Stout
2000 Millenium exhibit. Group Show Furlong Gallery, U.W. - Stout
1997 Solo Exhibit, Espresso Royal Cafe, Minneapolis, MN
1993 Student Juried Show Crossman Gallery University-WI Whitewater (UWW)
1992 Junior Review Crossman Gallery, U.W.W.

Cory Rasmussen

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